Values and philosophy of education

  • “Diemedis” community is united by following values:

    • Nurture of creativity and artistic education;
    • Wellbeing and care for each other;
    • Independence and responsibility;
    • Continuous development and improvement.

    The holistic education is main approach upon we build our teaching and learning. We care for personal development of every child according his/her needs and capacities. We care for all community development and wellbeing.

  • We educate pupils in the atmosphere of jointly and carefully developed “Diemedis” culture, best pedagogical practise, using resources of surrounding nature and cultural possibilities.

    “Diemedis” is all day school, where pupils spend day learning formally, non-formally and informally, playing and reading, communicating and investigating, getting professional support of pedagogues. “Diemedis” curriculum is implemented with the support of all school community and social partners.

  • We believe, that: 

    • Each person is capable to make independent and responsible decisions. Therefore, our children learn to make small everyday decisions on their own – how do I have to behave? what do I learn and how? Learners develop their planning skills and learn how to organize their free time during school day. All responsible decisions are self-motivation driven and closely connected with understanding of their consequences. We dare to say that responsible and critically minded person is a leader, who is aware of oneself, trustful, but not arrogant, ready to serve others.
    • Coherent methodology is a backbone of good and qualitative education. We apply creative education methodology which is in line with inquiry and problem-based learning. Such approach helps to develop learning to learn and critical thinking skills as well.
  • Creative education methodology

    Creative education methodology is developed by “Diemedis” founders and pedagogues. The methodology embraces music, dance, songs, play, theatre, pieces of folklore, painting, rhythmic, technologies.

    “Diemedis” staff creates children operas, musical dance performances twice per year. Children perform at various theatres’ stages for the school’s and capital city community, participate in national and international festivals and conferences, such as “Skamba skamba kankliai”, “Gaida/Note”, “Musical Spring in Klaipeda”, Child and Music”.

    “Diemedis” community celebrates traditional calendar events – “Lantern Feast”, “Kaziukas Fair”, “Mother’s Day” and others.