Primary school

  • Primary school consists of first to fourth grades. Primary school pupils are taught according state’s general programs and curriculum. However, the school introduces its own approach as well. Special attention is paid to development of creativity and inquiry-based learning, with ultimate goal to develop independent, critically minded, creative and responsible persons. This goal is partially implemented by annual school projects, that integrate different subjects, learning forms and styles. All academic content is delivered through practical tasks. Pupils become active leaners – they create, investigate, perform, share, present and reflect individually and cooperatively.

  • All day school model provides a luxury not to hurry, to get rest, meaningfully do combine different forms of education, to individualize and to differentiate learning according personal or group needs. The learning process is organized in a bigger block of subjects, without strict time framework. The time for a task is not bind with time of a lesson. It gives flexibility for teachers and learners to plan their activities and implement curriculum. Pupils get meals twice per day in addition with vegetables and dairy products.