International projects

  • The school implemented “Erasmus+” mobility project (2018-1-LT01-KA101-046761)” Development of All-Day School Curriculum, Based on Experience ofn Finish and Estonians Schools” in 2019. 12 educators observed learning process in Ikaalinenn (Finland) and Kuressaare (Estonia). The mobility project was aimed at improvement of the school curriculum by learning from more experienced colleagues, who implement All day/ Integrated school day program

  • “Diemedis” teachers experienced job shadowing in primary school “Valkean Ruusun Koulu” (Ikaalinen, Finland) in April”, in Kuressaare gymnasium and in primary school “Luce” (Estonia) in October.

  • The job shadowing visits helped to rethink and renew school curriculum, to develop our own All-Day school model. “Diemedis” school curriculum now is better adjusted to diverse needs of learners, it is more flexible and provides more space for various forms of education to be used purposefully and harmoniously. New school curriculum is officially approved by the school stakeholders, and it is constantly monitored by pedagogical community.