• 1995 – „ Diemedis“ was established in Vilnius, capital city, when young artists and pedagogues decided to build education of young children on artistic activities and promote creativity in families and the capital city. It was not non- uniformed decision at that time and “Diemedis” became pioneer in implementing artistic education programmes addressed at 0,5-2 years old children. The official status of “Diemedis” was art studio, which functioned as not traditional kindergarten. It’s first residence was in the old town, Subačiaus 41.

  • 1999 – „ Diemedis” moved to the so called “North City” district, Verkiu str. 17. It continued its activity as kindergarten and provided prescool education service.

    2009 – “Diemedis” continued to work in Antakalnis district, Kalvos str.11. It continued to provide preschool education services

  • 2011 – “Diemedis” grew into the primary school. 8 first graders started new academic year in September. The learners’ community continued to grow – 57 primary school pupils and 70 kindergartens as well as preschool’s children attended “Diemedis” in 2018-2019

  • 2019 – The June of 2019 is very significant date for “Diemedis”, as it moved to the newly built modern premises, equipped to the enlarged community. 92 preschool and kindergarten, 80 primary school children, 14 fifth graders started new academic year in Pavilniai regional park near by plants centre, Kojelavičiaus str.1, and “Diemedis” entered new period of its life as basic (lower secondary) school. The school was acknowledged as best social- multifunctional project, developed by the company “Inreal”. The prize “For Sustainable Development” was awarded by Lithuanian Real Estate Association in November 28th, 2019.

  • In order to support needs of the school community and to ensure sustainable development of learning process, “Diemedis” signed agreement for joint activities with the “Modern Didactics Centre” at the same year. Both organizations cooperate in teachers’ professional improvement, development and renewal of educational programmes, parent’s education and development of new initiatives. “Diemedis” pedagogues and “Modern Didactics Centre” specialists developed all day school curriculum for primary and lower secondary school. This curriculum is valid since September 2019